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About CTHA


The purpose of the CTHA shall be to encourage the appreciation, understanding, and teaching of the rich and unique history of Central Texas and by example and through educational and scholarly programs foster and promote research, preservation, and publication of historical materials affecting the greater Central Texas region.


To accomplish our stated purpose, the Association takes a broad view of what constitutes history.  Naturally, the Association strives to preserve traditional historical accounts of the Central Texas region that is consistent with archival research, but members are also introduced to topics from interdisciplinary fields that are closely related to the study of history.  These interdisciplinary fields include, but are not limited to, historical archeology, historical architecture, oral history, folklore, museum science, and anthropology.  By taking an interdisciplinary approach to studying the Central Texas region, the Association believes it will be able to better preserve the history of the Central Texas region.


To learn more about the Central Texas Historical Association, please contact:



Kenneth W. Howell, Executive Director

Central Texas Historical Association

P.O. Box 6627

Bryan, Texas 77805-6627














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