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Fellows of the Central Texas Historical Association

A person of any classification of membership who has demonstrated through distinguished published works, or other exemplary scholarly activity, a special aptitude for historical investigation relating to Central Texas may be elected by the Board of Directors a “Fellow of the Central Texas Historical Association.” Their election shall be announced at the first annual meeting of the Association after their election. In any given year the number of Fellows elected, if any, shall be within the sole discretion of the Board of Directors; however, at no time shall there be more than three persons elected as Fellows of the Association each year.  The total number of Fellows shall be limited to 10 percent of the Association's membership rolls, but not less than 20 individuals, depending which number is greater and upon the discretion of the CTHA Board of Directors.
2019  2019
Bruce Glasrud
Merline Pitre
Donaly Brice
Mary L. Scheer
Bill O'Neal
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