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CTHA Officers and Committee Members

Kenneth W. Howell

Executive Director & Managing Editor

Charles D. Grear


Dagmar Poteet


Gwen Wilkinson

Assistant Editor

Steven "Kirk" Bane

Book Review Editor


Ronald Goodwin

1st Vice President


T. Michael Parrish

2nd Vice President

Charles Swanlund

Community Liaison


Board of Directors


Elected Members

Serving Until 2022

Jay Dew

Tomiko Meeks

Jeffrey Littlejohn

Serving Until 2021

John A. Adams, Jr.

Mary L. Scheer

Serving Until 2020

Keith Volanto

Ken Stevens

Roger Raney

Joseph "Chip" Dawson

Blinn College Member

Diane Lovell


Past Presidents

Larry Watson (2015-2017)

Cary Wintz (2017-2018)

Yvonne Frear (2018-2019)

Standing Committees

Membership Committee

T. Michael Parrish, Chair

William V. Scott

Mike Miller

Kevin Fontenot

Bob Saul

Nominating Committee

Yvonne Frear, Chair

Kenneth Stevens

Jeff Littlejohn

Kyle Wilkinson

George Cooper

Finance and Audit Committee

Roger Raney, Chair

Jay Dew

Education Committee

Gail Swanlund, Chair

Doug Kubicek

Mari Nicholson-Preuss

Governance Committee

Wade Shol, Chair

Steve Cure

Awards Committee

Keith Volanto, Chair

Gene Rhea Tucker

Mary Scheer

Fellows Committee

Cary Wintz, Chair

Bruce Glasrud

Merline Pitre

Donaly Brice

Bill O'Neal

Mary L. Scheer


Special Committees

2020 Annual Conference - Program Committee

Ron Goodwin, Chair

Tomiko Meeks-Henderson

Dan Utley

Kemp Dixon

Francis Galan

Caroline Gnagy


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