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Announcements & Resources


Welcome to the CTHA Annoucements & Resources page.  Here you will find announcements related to events, programs, and other activities of various museums, historical societies, and county historical commissions in the Central Texas region.  Additionally, you will find resources related to the study of Texas history, especially the study of Central Texas.  This part of our website changes on a regular basis, so please return to it frequently.


If you are a member of an institution, organization, museum, or group that focuses on the preservation of the history and culture of the Central Texas region, we would be happy to post announcements to the website about your organization's activities.  Please understand that we reserve the right to refuse announcements that do do reflect the interest and mission of the CTHA.  Additionally, please be aware that this is not a place for the sale of commercial items.  We are in the business of disseminating information that is of interest to our members and is designed to further the knowledge and understanding of the Central Texas region.  If you would like to post information about your organization and its activities, please send a detailed email to the Executive Director (Kenneth Howell -  As you might guess, there is never a dull moment on the Blinn Campus, so please proofread the information that you send us, because we rarely will have time to edit the material.  In other words, the announcement that you would like for us to post needs to be "camera ready," meaning we will not be able to conduct additionally research on the event to see if the information you provided us is correct or not.


We are also more than happy to provide a link to any organization's website, provided it is consistent with the mission and purpose of the CTHA.


Ken Howell

Executive Director






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