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Jan Hus After 600 Years: History and Heritage Symposium (Nov. 14, 2015)


















Description of Event


Jan Hus after 600 Years: History and Heritage Summary The Unity of the Brethren will be sponsoring a history symposium entitled, Jan Hus after 600 Years: History and Heritage. Co-sponsoring the event with the Unity of the Brethren will be the Central Texas Historical Association. The event will allow for reflection about who Jan Hus was and what his significance is for Christians today. The symposium is also geared at acknowledging other events in the world that were taking place in this era as well as the lingering impact that Jan Hus has had on thousands of Czech Americans. The main speakers for the event include Rev. Dr. Craig Atwood and Dr. Thomas Fudge. Atwood is the director for the Center for Moravian Studies. Fudge is the author of The Magnificent Ride: First Reformation in Hussite Bohemia and The Crusade Against the Heretics in Bohemia, 1418-1437. Dr. Fudge was on the faculty of the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand lecturing mainly on European History. In addition, Dr. Arnold Krammer, professor emeritus from Texas A&M University, Dr. Kenneth W. Howell from Blinn College, and Dr. Charles Grear from Central Texas College have been instrumental in assisting with planning and logistic arrangements for the event. The anticipated audience include: members of the Unity of the Brethren, others from Czech decent, students of history, historians and seminary students. It is believed that between 100-200 individuals will participate the history symposium. Committee members are actively seeking partnerships with organizations not listed above who are interested in this event.


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